Common Grace's Mission
To bring kindness to lonely children in Hawaiʻi’s public elementary schools by connecting them with caring adults, teenagers and kupuna (Hawaiian for “elder”).
Classic Common Grace partners neighborhood churches with nearby schools.
YouthGrace connects high school students to the joy of helping a child one-to-one.
GrandGrace creates relationships between kupuna, mentors and kids.

For 15 years, Common Grace, a Christian non-profit organization, has been pouring God’s Grace into Hawaii’s public schools. Their “YouthGrace” program seeks to connect lonely, at-risk elementary students with caring high school mentors. Kaimuki Christian Church helps to sponsor partnerships between Kaimuki High School/Kuhio Elementary and Kalani High School/Wilson Elementary.

KCC also partners with Common Grace to provide mentors to highly vulnerable and lonely children in our public schools. Most students simply need a friend and someone who cares about them. Do you have a heart for elementary-age children and want to make a positive difference in their lives?

For more information, please contact Pastor Nofo Eletise here.