Thursdays @ 6:30pm

Our youth services have moved to Thursdays each week. This gives our youth the opportunity to worship with their families on Sundays as well as worship alongside them through service in the church. Thursday youth services give youth the chance to develop a community of faith while serving alongside their peers to create a ministry they can call their own.
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But what about OVERJOYED?

Youth today are bombarded with cultural pressures and expectations. Here at KCC, youth can find a community that cares about the joy they experience in their lives every day. We believe that complete and ultimate joy is found in knowing Jesus and treasuring him!

We experience this growth by deepening our relationship with God through reading the Bible, building relationships with one another, and sharing this outpouring of JOY with those around us! Join us on Sunday mornings as we grow in treasuring Jesus together. 

"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field." Matthew 13:44

Youth Ohana Groups

Ohana Groups allow us to go deep into God's Word by asking real questions and having discussions in small groups.  Youth Ohana Groups give youth an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with one another while growing in their faith.
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Sunday @ 9:30am

Kardyn, pronounced (card-in), loves to sing, play guitar, and crochet at coffee shops. Volleyball is her ride-or-die sport. Her top favorite musical classics are Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, White Christmas, and Cinderella (1965).



Tuesday @ 7pm

Megan is a big fan of anime and letsplays. If she isn't nerding out, you'll find her enjoying a book at a local coffee shop. She has grown up in KCC and now works as the Youth Coordinator and is the creative genius for our youth ministry.



Sunday @ 11:30am

Cam (Cameron for long) enjoys working on cars, hanging out with his dogs (actual four-legged friends), and once was a champion in single and doubles badminton in Junior High. Look out Lin Dan. Cam is also the Youth Pastor here at KCC.



Sunday @ 9:30am

Sabrina is a 2019 UH Mānoa grad and InterVarsity Alum. She loves making and consuming boba, playing volleyball (to work off the boba), and budgeting (so I don't go broke via boba). She also loves building communities that seek and love Jesus.


Next Up...


Our Sunday services are a place where families come together in worship under one roof. We believe that our youth develop a greater understanding of what it means to "be the Church" by using their gifts and passions to serve God's kingdom. This is why we encourage both youth and adults to serve together during our Friday and Sunday services. 
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